Why High Quality Ionized Water Is Important For Health

water-ionizerHere is a quote from Dr. Robert Young (best-selling author of The PH Miracle), “Your body was about 90% water when you were born. Most of us are about 50% water when we die. The aging and dying process is largely processes of dehydration“.

Did you know that 90% of North Americans are dehydrated? Water is probably the single most important compound for the support of life. It helps to transport nutrients throughout the body and to remove wastes and toxins from the body. Chronic dehydration is one of the major underlying cause of many of our diseases and health conditions. 

Our bodies have over 100 TRILLION living cells which depend of hydration to function properly. Just a few decades ago, when a well was dug, pure water could be found at a depth of about fifty feet. Today, in most locations, we can dig as far down as two to four hundred feet and still there is pesticide residue found. 

“We can say that in many respects, we die of either (a) some level of dehydration or (b) because the quality of water in our cells, tissues, and organs is not healthy enough, or sufficiently plentiful, to continue CRITICAL DETOXIFICATION of the body”, says Dr. Young.

Today’s tap water contains chlorine, heavy metals like lead and arsenic and depending on your area could contain: fluoride, chloramides, nitrates, harmful bacteria, other heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. It simply does not make any sense to continue drinking tap water but just because “everybody’s doing it”, most people don’t think twice.

And finally from Dr. Young, “In my 25+ years of studying nutrition and blood microscopy, I have found NOTHING that a person can do that is more important to his or her health than changing the kind of water that they drink. Give yourself the gift of life, and start drinking water the way it is supposed to be… life giving, purifying, anti-aging and health sustaining. I have seen and tested almost every ionizer out there and by far Chanson has been my favorite”.

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