Finally an Affordable Water Ionizer! (NOT a Kangen =)

➤Have you tried “Kangen Water” or Alkaline Ionized Water? Did you love the concept of a much healthier water but think it was overpriced? Yeah, me too.

So I did a lot of research on all 6 of the major water ionizer brands and then went out and bought a Chanson Miracle MAX water ionizer. I have not one iota of regret, in fact it’s one of my favourite purchases ever. Every day I’m drinking alkaline water that is 500-1000 times more alkaline then “tap. I find it easier to stay in balance and I’m WAY more hydrated then I was before. (Ionized water makes the water molecules much easier for your body to assimilate and hold in the cells).

Do you know that according to recent federal statistics,
90% of North Americans are Chronically Dehydrated?!

Please don’t be one of them. Chronic deydration leads to all kinds of yucky (and nasty) health conditions. Drinking quality water every day should not be an under-rated concept. Your body is 70% water, it really does make a difference! ☮ If your health isn’t tip-top and you want an easy and effective way to boost it (for the next 10+ years) then you owe it to yourself to at least research getting a water ionizer…

And you know what, the Chanson Violet model is a high quality water ionizer which retails for the amazingly low price of $1295. It produces the very same pH levels of water as the Kangen and has the added benefit of being self-cleaning. What you sacrifice with the Violet is that the flow rate is a bit slower, for optimum anti-oxidants you want the flow rate to be 2 Liters/minute. (With the Kangen the flow is faster at around 3-4 Liters/minute)

➾Alkaline Ionized water is finally affordable!

Why wait? Start Enjoying the benefits of:

☼Superior Hydration with Micro-clustered water
☼Balancing your body’s pH NATURALLY w/ water
☼Our customers have more energy and vitality

Taste & Feel the Difference Quality Water Makes,
after all – we’re 70% water and hydration plays
a HUGE role in your Health.

Starting at just $1295! (machines are brand new, free installation)
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☆ We have a promotion on now which expires on August 24, 2014. Get 12 equal payments financing with 0% interest and no administration fees. Act now and save.

♒ If you do the math and divide the price by the machine’s lifespan (7-10 years) in months, it works out to about $13-$15/month for your whole family to enjoy high quality alkaline water. This will enhance everyone’s health. Imagine if you had more energy and a stronger immune system and more clarity because you were more effectively hydrated. That energy could change your whole life. Pretty good deal! (as you can tell, I’m passionate about good water =)

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